As the Weather Changes

The summer always passes quickly and by the end we are usually ready for changes in the air. This summer on the East Coast was especially hot and dry, and our grass looks worn out and brown. Every time it was supposed to rain, mother nature had a different agenda. Starting in September, you can feel air getting a little crisper as the children get ready to go back to school, teachers go back to work, and everyone gets somewhat back to reality. It’s always fun to think of what lies ahead to make fall spectacular every year.

Leaves Falling

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When the trees change color and the leaves fall, we sometimes feel despair that winter is coming. We should, however, just enjoy the beauty of the fall season. You can take long walks without getting winded while enjoying the subtle changes around us. Animals seem to have a new life, we are enjoying simple pleasures like pumpkin spice coffee and we are thinking about Halloween costumes and fall decorating.


Don’t you love putting fall decorations everywhere?! I do. I love the pumpkins, the fall colors, changing pillows and just adding some warmth to the dining room with a fall centerpiece. It makes you feel reborn and you know the holidays will be right around the corner after the beauty of September and October fades.

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I love going through the store aisles and playing with all the new Halloween decorations. Pressing buttons and hearing sounds adds to the excitement of this fun holiday. At some point I think I have almost as many Halloween decorations as Christmas. Witches, ghosts and graveyards accompany pumpkins and fall leaves inside and outside my home. And I get to keep most of it up (not the scary stuff) through Thanksgiving.

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Fall Eating

Another thing I love about fall is that you can start to make homemade soups and chilis and indulge in all the pumpkin specialties, like pumpkin latte and even a beautifully scented candle to add to your enjoyment of fall eating. Darker colors come around with different fruits and veggies to explore new menus with. It is always important to make changes more fun each year. Look for some new recipes on Pinterest, host a fall get together and share your new fall favorites.

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We are always sad to see summer go, especially thinking about winter, but let’s look for the brightness in every season. Fall is the new beginning for school, new goals and rejuvenation. Share some of your fall plans with us…..

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15 thoughts on “As the Weather Changes

  1. I enjoyed your festive post, Elaine. I had two spinal surgeries on June 15 and have turned the corner and am able to enjoy getting out and socializing, so this post got me in the mood to savor the season. Thanks, and Happy Autumn! –Janet

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  2. Fall is my favorite season! I am especially looking forward to moving back up north (east coast), and enjoying all the beautiful colors. I loved your festive post! Happy autumn!

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  3. This might be an unpopular opinion here, but I LOVE winter. I look forward to it the moment it leaves. Summer this year was brutal where I come from, and September is the month of change, so I’ve been loving every day of it.
    Loved reading your post!

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  4. Thanks for sharing, I love fall as it`s time for me to start thinking of christmas and getting together with family.
    Really enjoyed your post.

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