Halloween Fun

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Between the fall decorations and colors and the fun Halloween items available to put in your home and on your lawns, I have almost as many bins of stuff for Halloween as I do for Christmas.

Over the past two years with Covid I didn’t decorate or partake in that many Halloween activities. Now I am ready to enjoy the holiday head on. Let’s take a break from the every day hassles and enjoy the simplicity and childlike fun of Halloween.

Here are some new decorating items I purchased:

. Spider Web Door or Lawn Decorations. Your visitors will be intrigued by this especially on Halloween night when trick or treating.

Check it out with this Amazon link.

. Flickering purple lights for your walkway will add that Halloween glow to your front yard. People will stop and take note and it will welcome those fun trick-or-treaters.

Check it out with this Amazon link

. Halloween yard decorations 3 set ghost group with stakes can decorate your front yard or near a tree with spider webs for extra creepy feel. Or a very large lit up jack-o-lantern.

Check it out with this Amazon link.
Check out with this Amazon link.

Don’t forget the inside of your house. Be creative as you go from fall decorations to Halloween decorations. The living room and dining areas can be transformed into Halloween villages…..

. Halloween Willow tree decoration is my latest addition to my Halloween indoor village.

This is a must have for your next Halloween gathering. Check it out with this Amazon link.

Don’t forget all the Halloween treats too…

I love to make Witches Hats with Fudge Stripe cookies, chocolate kisses and orange icing. I usually use orange icing but you can alternate with different colors. A fun treat for a party or to send to school with your children to share.


Or a new variation to the Rice Krispie Treats with Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats. Just add food coloring and some googly eyes and the children will be so excited to try these.

Be creative

So this is the year to start enjoying Halloween again. Enjoy the decorations everywhere, have fun with friends and enjoy watching the kids celebrate again. Keep practicing safe Halloween trick-or-treating and let the holiday that everyone loves become your favorite again.

Please share some of your Halloween favorites.

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