A Day in the Life

One of my resolutions this year was self-care with slowing down. This is my second year of retirement, yet sometimes I don’t feel retired at all. I realize that I am a schedule oriented person and that if I don’t have a plan, I often crumble and don’t feel productive. Must have been all thoseContinue reading “A Day in the Life”

New Year…. New Goals

Every New Year people make resolutions. These are usually forgotten by about January 10. Instead I am making a “vision” for myself of what I want to accomplish this year. First of all, I want to continue to grow my teaching resources online business. I sell my teacher resources on various websites including TeachersPayTeachers, AmpedUpLearning,Continue reading “New Year…. New Goals”

What Is A Mother ?

A Mother’s Love…. by ELAINE GALLAGHER 14 days ago in PARENTS What is a Mother?Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash What is a Mother’s Love? A mother’s love is like nothing else in the world. It knows no boundaries and will crush anything that stands in its path. It is an unconditional love, with no strings attached. You love your child forContinue reading “What Is A Mother ?”