As the World Turns

That sounds like an old soap opera that my grandmother used to watch! And now everyday seems like the world is changing, and it seems to be unsettling.

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I was watching a show the other day that depicted New Years Eve 2019, with people showing such hope for the new decade and the year 2020. Little did we know that as that ball dropped, society would never be the same.

So in March 2020, the world shut down because of Covid-19. People started remote work, ordering all their food and supplies to be delivered, and even schools were completely online. The trains were empty, the highways were silent and we just entered a new dimension of life.

Since then we have gone through stimulus checks from the government and people not wanting to go back to work. Lack of employees to provide us service seems to be an everyday occurrence. What happened to all of us? What happened to people striving for dreams and to achieve career goals? Now people just want to get by, pay their bills and enjoy life. Well, I think we should have been enjoying our families prior to the shutdown but we just needed a push to spend more time at home. Now “home is where the heart is” rings true to all of us. I am sure I am not the only one who looks forward to going back home whenever I am out doing something.

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We get through vaccines and boosters, Delta and Omicron variants (and another strain on the way) to only be hit with horrible inflation. Lack of plastic makes cars and other products unobtainable and all of a sudden, detergents can cost you $25. Gas prices are out of control that people are rethinking going back to the office, resigning themselves to carpooling, and cutting back on some necessities just to drive to work. When will it end?!

Russia is at war with Ukraine and we are holding our breath fearing for a World War III outbreak. People are dying in Ukraine, their country is being destroyed and the world is now terrified again. When will this end?

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I often think of my children, in their 30s, who have seen life so differently than I did growing up. First with the World Trade Center attacks in 2001 and continuing on to all these disasters, one after another. And I have not mentioned fires, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes that continue to harm all in their path. I am frightened for my children and my grandchildren. Has this world of technology led to life without simple pleasures like jump rope, hide and seek, and just “hanging out with friends”. I truly feel sad for them. Each day I start praying for all of our children and the world we are creating, one day at a time.

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I know you are ready to say, enough of this doom, let’s think of positive things. Well, here it is. In light of all the tragedy that has engulfed our lives since 2020, let us start to appreciate the smaller things in life (which are really the big things after all). The hugs and kisses, seeing our families and friends together, enjoying a walk in the park or on the beach, and just taking a deep breath to inhale the beauty around us, is so important in this everyday scheme of life. Yes, we are terrified we will get a strain of Covid or be in a World War, but in the meantime, love harder, give willingly and enjoy the simplicities of life.

Please share your stories of how the past two years has changed you. I would love to hear them……

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  1. I agree that the world is a scary place. And if we give our children the tools they need to make positive change, hopefully they’ll have enriching fulfilling lives!

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