What Does Christmas Mean to You?

When you hear a Christmas song on the radio, what comes to your mind first? I think of all the wonderful Christmas celebrations I have had with my family and friends over the year. I remember the look in my daughters’ eyes when they came down to see all the presents left for them under the tree. Their delight and happiness made it all worthwhile.

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Sometimes Christmas can make you remember sadness. It’s the time of year when I miss my parents so very much. They loved the holidays and always did everything to make them even more special. I feel like something is missing every single Christmas. Most Christmases I miss my daughter (and now my beautiful grandson) because they live far away and we don’t see each other at Christmas. I count the days til we might be together to celebrate our family.

Christmas is about family that is real family, and family that is friends that are like family. I am very fortunate to have a large extended family and friends who are a big part of my life. We celebrate many milestones together and that’s what is most important.

Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and watch a Christmas movie that takes place in one of those “Christmas villages” that make you wish you could visit. Enjoy those moments and try to feel the magic of Christmas.

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As we go through a tough year of high prices, struggling to make ends meet, we should think about the real meaning of Christmas. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in our hearts, and it celebrates the beautiful lives we have been given.

Christmas gives us the opportunity to show appreciation for others, show our love and enjoy the beauty of the holiday season. This time of year is an important time for giving. Give to those who may not have as much as you do. Let them show you how small blessings can go a long way. Growing up my dad used to get upset with all the hype about Christmas presents and people making themselves broke to buy the best gifts. He always said that the true meaning of Christmas is in your heart and how you feel about the people you share life’s precious moments with. I still remember last Christmas when my grandson saw Santa and the look in his eye – somewhat frightened, somewhat mesmerized, and very confused. Each year will get better as he gets older and looks forward to asking Santa for what he wants. Santa can be a bit scary for a little boy of only two. I hope Santa fills his heart with Christmas joy as he opens all his gifts this year.

Take a little extra time to call someone you haven’t spoken to, write a Christmas card to someone who lives far away, and bake some cookies for your neighbors…. these are small ways we can spread the joys of Christmas.

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May you feel the joy of this holiday and the love that is so special in your life!


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